Pre-Windlight Texture Problems

29 04 2008

It has come to my attention that some of my clothing designs or rather the texture used to create them, have been negatively affected by the release of Windlight. I am sure that I am not alone in sharing this bit of woe. All of my designs were created long before Windlight was even in beta or even public knowledge. Due to the lighting restrictions of the time, most designers had to painstaking add in our own shadows and highlights to bring the fabrics and designs to life. Now that Windlight has been released, it is affecting items with dramatic shading and highlighting.

I don’t think this affects every item I have made. At some point in time I will need to do some inspection to see what is affected and what is fine. Unfortunately, I cannot go back and edit most of these pre-existing items without having to redesign the affected items from scratch. I spent some time last night searching for my source files and especially Photoshop Documents etc. I seem to be missing files from my hard drive. One item was brought to my attention, so I searched my design files for it and the Targa file was missing as was the Photoshop Document. The only remnants of the item was the product design for the box. I’m hoping these files got misplaced somewhere and not accidentally deleted during one of my hard drive cleanses.

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4 responses

29 04 2008

Not sure of the problems your having, but if its an issue with prim color matching, its a pretty easy fix. In WL the light seems to shine brighter on prim textures than clothing layer textures, but if you tint the prims light gray, they seem to match fine again.

29 04 2008

Thanks for the tip Annyka.

The reported problem is with the deep shadowing and transparencies in the texture applied to the clothing layer. I’ve seen similar problems with highlighting on older skins.

29 04 2008

aaah, that’s a bigger problem. I figured my answer was going to be too easy. Sorry :(

29 04 2008

No worries Annyka. From my understanding the textures most affected are ones with dramatic highlighting and shading affects.

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