A Customer Service Solution

11 04 2008

All Deadly Nightshade customer service concerns will be handled by FlipperPA Peregrine during my extended absence from Second Life. I apologize for not doing this sooner and for making light of the situation. Mea culpa!

Flipper will handle failed inventory transactions, refunds and other miscellaneous issues. Because he is not a fashion designer, no modifications will be made to existing items.

If you had a customer service issue previously ignored by yours truly please contact FlipperPA Peregrine and give a detail explanation of the problem and inventory items concerned. Since he is not familiar with my entire collection, please give specific item names i.e. (Deadly NIghtshade) Crimson Contact Lenses as opposed to Red contact lenses. This will make it much easier for him to ameliorate the situation.

Please note: all items in the Deadly Nightshade corset sets are sold separately. Yes, the corset is pictured on the three separate skirts available, but that is primarily because the pictures would have looked stupid without them. Also, the corsets were a reissue from an original design made in 2005.

All items should be Mod/Copy No Transfer. Not all are, especially if they are older. If this is a major concern for you please contact us.

We will not provide customer service for free items.

Please also realize that FlipperPA Peregrine doesn’t log in as much as he used to, but please be patient as it can take up to a week for issues to be resolved.



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5 responses

11 04 2008

ummmm like anyone cares! you’ve not been in SL for how many years….and your stuff was crap to begin with…noone cares!

11 04 2008

Several months does not equal years. I’m glad you have such a wonderfully awesome life that you have nothing better to do, but to insult people on blogs.

If you don’t like my stuff fine, then don’t read my blog. I honestly do not care. I don’t know you and therefore your opinions are irrelevant to me.

Have a nice day in your fake world!

11 04 2008

Jeez….months equals millenia in the ‘net word. Like, wow, way to be so, like pre-millenial. You’ve got to move to a more proactive paradigm ya know.

And you’re stuff is Kewl, ‘n awEsOmE. That is, I think it is. I don’t know if I ever wore any – even when I was cross-dressin’.

N I like, so luvvvv your blog. Its kewl. Like FSM kewl. Yeah…

And I so wished you were back on SL. Not that I have any time or patience with SL anymore, but IF I did then I would want you there.

It would be, so so so, like, kewl.

– DB

P.S. – wasn’t the raggy commenter so amusingly and aptly named?

11 04 2008

I love your stuff Jennyfur and wear it often. thank you for posting this.

11 04 2008

Dave: Oh those axiomatically correct proactive paradigms get me every time. No matter how much I try to move towards one, I get screwed by the Man.

Noirran: Thanks =)

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