So Long and Thanks for All the Prims

14 03 2008

The metaverse is a buzz this afternoon as the news broke across Reuters that Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale is stepping down. Rosedale assume the role of Chairman of the Board, replacing Mitch Kapor. Kapor will still remain on the Linden Lab board.

The news has been reverberating across numerous Second Life related blogs and forums and twitter to name a few. Some regard the change with welcome arms citing many issues with Linden Lab’s management style in the face of a downturn of press and numerous issues with the grid. Others fear that this may be a red flag signally financial duress for Second Life makers Linden Lab. Some are speculating that perhaps, Linden Lab will soon be bought out by another company.

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14 03 2008
Philip Rosedale to Step Down as CEO of Linden Lab — Update 1 « Around the Grid with Harper

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16 03 2008
Mark Brown

It takes guts for a founding visionary entrepreneur to step aside and hand the reigns over to another. Ultimately the vision has to be more important than any individual, even the source of that vision. Of course the key now is getting just the right CEO. As a CEO myself (and no I won’t be putting my hand up!) my advice is to find someone who is not so much a visionary as a strategist. More of an organizational and strategic technician. The key to scaling an organization is in the deployment of resources: in particular creating the right environment and structures ready to meet the planned growth. So for me, I.T expertise is minor to this, what they need is a first class strategist.

2 04 2008

ugh, i am confused. i thought the CEO answered to the Chairman of the Board. is this not a promotion actually? “ener hax grins to seem wise and desires to be the ceo* :)

30 05 2013

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